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Lindy Hop

I discovered Lindy Hop in 2010 and I truely believe it is more than a simple dance. For me it is a social ambience in which I can share my passion for music, my creativity and the technique of the dance. Since then Lindy hop is present everyday in my life and I train and compete internationally being finalist in:

- Savoy Cup (2nd place, Strictly Adv, Montpellier 2019)

- Savoy Cup (finals M&M open, Montpellier 2019)

- Lindyhoppers Delight (2nd place, Strictly, Barcelona 2019)

- Lindyhoppers Delight (finals M&M, Barcelona 2019)

- Swingala (2nd place JnJ, Italy 2018)

- Balcans Championship (3rd place JnJ, Plodviv 2018)

-  The Snowball (JnJ, Sweden 2017)

-  Swinging Undermoon (JnJ Invitational, Valencia 2017)

-  Zaraswing (winner in JnJ, Zaragoza 2017)

-  Savoy Cup (Strictly Advanced, Montpellier 2017)

-  Barcelona Lindy Exchange (2nd place in JnJ, Barcelona 2016)

-  Move Your Bottom (JnJ Advanced, Valencia 2016)

-  Zaraswing (winner in JnJ, Zaragoza 2015)

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